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What does Responsive mean?

Often when there is discussion regarding website design, the subject is broached as to whether the site is a Mobile optimized site or a Responsive site. Often the two are thought to be the same thing… which, of course, they are not. Mobile sites are sites designed for display specifically and only on mobile platform devices, not desktops.
A Responsive Website is a website that has been designed in such a way that the server sends all of the same data and information to all device platforms; however, some additional information is sent as well (primarily CSS and JavaScript), enabling each device to adapt the display to its screen size and orientation. In English – The site automagically adjusts to the environment on which it is displayed (Desktop, Tablet, iPad, Android) and adjusts the content accordingly. If the display area size is adjusted, all the pictures, text, graphics and features all shrink or expand with the display size.


Your Passwords Are Not Secure

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Every 2 seconds there is another victim of identity theft. Every account should have its own password that is complex and long. How to remember all those passwords and for which account? No worries. RoboForm is the answer. Generate High Bit Strength Passwords and manage all your account logins and even your Bookmarks.

Stop Identity Theft With Five Tips

Identity theft is not a new crime. It has just become highly technical and is perpetrated on a much broader scale in our present technological age. With the amount of techno-babble associated with this subject, it can cause headaches. Here are however, five basic tips that can possibly stop, at least individually, identity theft before it even is born of thought.

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